Paying for Care

You may have concerns about the costs involved in getting care and support at home. But our ethos at Apasen is to make things easier for you rather than add more worry, or waste your precious time with unnecessary form filling and confusing processes.

To access our free Advice & Advocacy Service to make you aware of your options  for cover the cost of your care

  1. Call one of our friendly staff on 020 7001 2266 and ask to speak with a Welfare Rights Adviser
  2. We will send you an information pack on paying for your care costs
  3. We will then arrange an informal visit where you can tell us more detail about your needs
  4. We will then advise and confirm your eligibility for funding to cover the cost of your care, and the options you have for how payment is made by Social Services.

If you have been assessed as needing care, you will also be assessed by Social Services to see how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of services, while still having enough money to live on.

In assessing your financial circumstances if you have more than £23,250 in capital (not including the value of your home) you will be charged the full cost of your care – and become a Self Funder – click for further information. (N.B. Your homes value is disregarded for domiciliary care but not if you have to enter a care home).

If you have less than £23,250 in capital, you have a choice of your care cost being paid by either a Direct Payments or through a Personal Budget.

What are Direct Payments ?
Direct Payments are cash payments given to service users in lieu of community care services they have been assessed as needing, and are intended to give users greater choice in their care. The payment must be sufficient to enable the service user to purchase services to meet their eligible needs, and must be spent on services that meet eligible needs.

Direct payments confer responsibilities on recipients to decide how their eligible needs are met, either by employing people, often known as Personal Assistants, or by commissioning care services for themselves. Apasen is able to offer an Advice &  Advocacy Service that offers support in fulfilling these responsibilities from direct payment support services commissioned by local authorities.

What are Personal Budgets?
Personal Budgets are an allocation of funding given to users after an assessment which should be sufficient to meet their assessed needs. Users can either take their personal budget as a direct payment, or – while still choosing how their care needs are met and by whom – leaving Social Services with the responsibility to commission the care services on their behalf. Or they can take have some combination of the two.

As a result, they provide a potentially good option for people who do not want to take on the responsibilities of a direct payment.

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