Why Choose Apasen

What sets Apasen apart from other care providers is that we are led by quality not profit.

Apasen’s history of success is built on reputation in local communities – the number of clients we serve increases each year because of satisfied customers which has led to consistent flow of referrals from commissioners of our services. Find out more here about satisfaction levels that our current service users have with Apasen meeting their expectations and outcomes.

After nearly 20 years’ experience we also understand that arranging home care often happens in difficult circumstances, and is needed at short notice. To help you cope Apasen will remove the burden of the long drawn out complicated processes by promptly offering the following:

Apasen  focuses on PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST no matter how big or small your care needs. We support your choice, flexibility and control on how your needs are being met.

Outcomes Based Care Plan – identifying your expectations
Before we commence any care & support service, we will meet with the individual being helped and their friends or relatives (if applicable) to discuss your needs. This information is used to identify exactly what you expectations are of receiving care & support from Apasen. We then confirm this in your Care Plan with “Outcomes” that define these expectations. Your Care Plan also outlines what care and support is needed, when and for how long. Since your requirements can be changed, this can be modified at any time.

Risk Assessment
Whether we provide care & support for you in your own home, or through one of our community activities, we will perform a free risk assessment, which is a careful examination of what could cause harm to you and the care worker we allocate to support you. If we identify anything which could cause a problem, we will make appropriate recommendations and we will take suitable precautions to ensure that no one gets hurt. Learn more about how we protect our service users here.

24/7 hour on-call service
We offer an27/7 on-call service. There is a number you can ring at any time of the day or night which will always be answered in person – we do not believe in talking to machines. This service is available if you have an emergency but can also be called if you need to cancel or change a visit or if you have a general query. Whatever you needs, we are here to help!

Same Carer Commitment
Wherever possible we will try to ensure that the same helper visits the same people unless advised otherwise. Although we cannot guarantee this due to sickness, absence or the working hours of our staff, we aim to encourage the same helpers to visit the same people to help establish good relationships and to allow the person being cared for to feel more relaxed. It’s about making people feel comfortable in their own homes.

Apasen is firmly committed to offering social inclusive access to its care & community support services. Find out more about our commitment towards Equal Opportunities and provision of culturally appropriate care & support

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