End of Life Care

Person Centred Care and Support

APASENTH recognises that End of Life Care can be a difficult and traumatic time for both the Service User and their family/friends.

APASENTH believes that End of Life Care should be person centred and the needs and wishes of the Individual should be recognised and acted upon. We will initiate discussions as early as possible to establish the needs and wishes of the Individual such as where and how they would like to die and any culturally appropriate methods which may be required.

We ensure the service is delivered to how the Individual wants to live the rest of their life and ensure practical issues are adhered to, such as pain management, medication and specific personal care needs.

Other areas of support that we provide includes:

  • Liaising with health and social care professionals in assessing the needs of service users.
  • Encourage service users to make decisions about their lives, including their preferred priority of care, finances and provide them with support when they need it.
  • Support and encourage service users to access the people who are close to them at the end of their life.
  • Provide personal support to the service user in the way that they want, and ensure that their physical and emotional health needs are met.
  • Ensure that service user’s home is clean, comfortable, pleasant and hygienic.
  • Ensure those services users who are at the end of their life are supported by carers who are trained and experienced to meet their needs.

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