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We offer range of opportunities for our learners

Our aim is to provide daytime opportunities for adults with learning and multiple disabilities. We are aiming to reach other Boroughs in developing a partnership and supporting families in the most culturally appropriate services delivery designed to meet the individual needs.
Our commitment is to ensure that learners are fully integrated and lead towards their life.

We offer person centred approach for our learners with a range of educational and leisure activities that will enable participants to gain new skills and turns challenges into opportunities. We also help our learners to manage individual budget.

All activities are based indoor and outdoor depending on individual choices and preferences. We have a learner forum where they have full control & decision
Ideas to set up/change regular activities.

Activities that our learners prefer:

Individual Planning
We work with our participants in a holistic way ensuring that we assist them in updating their Person Centred Plan, Health Action Plan, One Page Profile and their activity schedules. This enables us to meet individual needs and ensures that participants have the opportunity to make informed lifestyle choices.

Educational and Leisure Activities
We run a number of educational activities hat are designed to enable participants to become more independent and to play an active role within their local community. We provide programmes of learning in Makaton sign language, Information Technology, Literacy and Numeracy in partnership with local Further Education Sector providers.

Our leisure activities are designed to enable participants to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle that will contribute to their general health and wellbeing.

Presentation skills Development
Confidence-building exercise: from eye contact, movements, gesture to voice. Enhance awareness and increase comfort and confidence when standing before an audience.

Art, Drama & Music
Through dance learners opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. Creating and performing will be the core activities for all learners, and taking part in dance contributes to their physical education and physical activity. Learners develop their technical skills and the quality of their movement, and use their imagination and skills to create  and dance sequences.

Cooking Programme
Our female really thrilled in developing cooking skills. This leads towards independence and by pursuing this which will enable learners is able to manage basic task in cooking. By given them chance to realise that they can do it and build their confidence

Physical Exercise Programme

The programme is design and is accessible to use leisure facilities in any sports. Our learners using leisure based activities i. e. swimming, gym and football.

Our APASENTH United plays for different football league.

Travel Training
We ensure that our learners are familiar with road safety, familiar with place, public transport. Learners usually evaluate how well they know or understand or any difficulties encounter. This gives individual to build their confidence and self-awareness on travelling.

Day Trips
Our planning of day outing are decided by our learners and going accordingly to the plan. The planning is done quarterly and alternative trips are also selected regularly.

The room is tailored to one’s specific sensory needs. The sensory room offers a nurturing; person cantered supportive environment. It is used to facilitate relaxation. Sensory awareness, communication, activity tolerance and general awareness of self, peers and the environment. The room consists of carpeting or soft floor cushioning with comfortable seating and some specialist equipment, e.g   colour wheel projector, music, mirror ball, optic fibre lights, bubble tube, tactile objects and water bed.


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