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Families who have children and young people with special needs can often benefit from support. Asking for help from others, can often be one of the hardest things for a parent/carer of a special needs child to do. But at the end of the day, asking for help and hopefully receiving it will help improve the quality of life for your child and yourself.

If you have been told that your child has special needs, they are likely to be identified as a “child in need” under the 1989 Children Act. If this is the case, they may be entitled to an assessment by the local Social Services in your borough to determine what support services can be offered. You can always contact Apasen for details of who to speak to.

If you do meet the criteria for support, there are several ways Apasen may get help and support you and your child.  It may include one or more of the following:

  • Short Break or Respite – where we can provide a qualified carer to look after you child for a few hours, or even arrange for your child to stay in a recognised foster carers home whilst you go on holiday or visit a relative.
  • Someone to come to your house to help you with the care of your child e.g. dressing, bathing, or undertaking therapeutic play activity.
  • Direct Payments – paid for by Social Services but employed by yourself, a person who comes to your home for an agreed number of hours per week/month to come to your home.


Apasen is able to provide child care staff who have undergone the required police checks.

Contact Apasen for help and advice on equipment and accessibility within your home for your child. You may be entitled to a Disabled Facilities Grant which can help towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities to your home.

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