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Employment Session: Selling Snacks

Opportunity Zone service users sold snacks as part of their employment session. As part of the session they had to decide what to sell and how much to charge for each snack. Once a week they prepare chanachur, Samosa and other snack items and sell this to staff members in the office. Although the profit margins are small this employment session provides service users with an opportunity to develop new skills, gain confidence and their self-esteem. They also enjoy and have fun doing it as they are very happy and excited to continue with this particular session.

Service users hard at work preparing the snacks

Service user Mohibur Rahman all ready to serve chanachur to staff

Apasen Throws End of Year Party

Wednesday 23rd December 2015 saw the last event of the year in the Apasen calendar for our service users, marking the end of a successful year. On this occasion the dinner party was arranged at a restaurant called Capital in Edmonton. Everyone had big smiles on their face as they enjoyed tasty authentic Turkish food at the restaurant. The service users that attended the party also had a fun time catching up with each other and sharing memories of the good times they had During in the year. They continued to talk about how much fun they had for days afterwards. This led to discussions to have more get-togethers for service users more often. All in all the learners and staff enjoyed the party very much.

Service users can be seen tucking into food at the end of year party

New Year’s Party at Apasen

Opportunity Zone organised a New Year’s Party on Thursday 7th January 2016 at Carmine Wharf. All the learners and staff were present at the party on the day. The day was jam packed with dance routines and service users taking part in music and storytelling. The event was kick started with cake cutting by leaders of the Learners Forum. It turned out to be a wonderful programme which was full of fun. At the end of the party service users were rewarded for their hard work and for participating in various activities and workshops throughout the year.

Opportunity Zone’s manager, Habibur Kabir and service users of the Leaders Forum cutting the cake

Service users performing to music being played by opportunity zone staff

Service Users Attend Women’s Employment and Enterprise Day

On 2nd March 2016 a group of female service users attended the Women’s Employment and Enterprise programme at the Idea Store at Whitechapel. This was an event bringing together local employment and enterprise partners promoting their services to local women. Throughout the day service users took part in enterprise activities as well as meeting and speaking to different business women. The service users enjoyed being able to walk around and interacting with people at different tables. They really enjoyed the tour of the area and were happy with all the staff not to mention the free giveaways.

Service users Rushna Begum,Asma Bibi,Mazeda Begum, Nosema Begum and Janna Begum at the Women’s Employment and Enterprise event

Parents Conference

On the 8th of March there was a Parents Conference held at Canary Wharf organised by Tower Hamlets council. It was a big event with more than 160 local parents attending the event and Opportunity Zone had the privilege of holding a stall there.This event was aimed at increasing parents role in their children’s learning by helping them reach their full potential. Parents of children with learning disability took an active part in the event showing a keen interest in our stall making the day a success.

Service user, Juber Ahmed, providing information of Apasen’s services to parents at the event

Dental Awareness

Opportunity Zone service users had a dental awareness and check-up session which was organised by the NHS. The first session was a discussion about the importance of dental health awareness. Learners attended this discussion and were told how they need to take care of their teeth by brushing every day and how often they should brush. The second session involved a demonstration on the best way to brush their teeth appropriately which was followed by a check-up session. The last session was question and answer whereby service users could ask questions. The sessions were informative and useful for the service users who are now equipped with the knowledge to keep their teeth healthy.

Service users receiving a talk on how best to maintain their dental health

Service users taking part in a group discussion

Safeguarding Awareness Workshop

Recently all Opportunity Zone service users successfully completed a Safeguarding Awareness Workshop as part of celebrating Safeguarding month. The training was run by training and quality manager, Zakir Hossain. There was a discussion and explanation on the various forms of abuse and different ways to recognise it.The training manager ensured that by the end of the workshop they understood what is meant by safeguarding to promote the welfare of the service users. The workshop was very informative and the service users all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Training and quality manager, Zakir Hossain, can be seen delivering the Safeguarding Workshop to all the service users

Big Display Reveal

The 10th March 2016 was a very exciting day for the service users at Apasen. On this day they completed their biggest project yet where they produced a big displayas part of their arts and craft session. The service users had been busy working on this big display for some weeks and spent the morning finishing it off for the big reveal.The reveal was an opportunity for all the staff and management to see the outstanding work produced by our service users. Apasen’s CEO, Mahmud Hasan, opened the curtains for all to see the art work. Opportunity Zone’s manager, Habibur Kabir, encouraged service users to continue their hard work and produce similar art work like this. The work was highly appreciated by everyone.

CEO Mahmud Hasan making way for the big art reveal

The outstanding art work produced by our service users as part of their arts and craft session

International Women’s Week

On Friday 11th March 2016 a group of female learners attended the International Women’s Week event at Atlee Community Centre. This was a chance to celebrate achievements made by women. There was a lot to do at the event with service users taking part in music and some light exercise. The event was an enjoyable one for the service users.

Female service users expressing themselves through dance and music

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