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The current business environment is constantly changing, so it is crucial that organizations train and develop their employees to stay ahead of the competition. Most organisations put training and development to pursue other strategies. Yet, the majority of organisations continue to reap little benefit due to their lack of training and development initiatives.

Training and development programs can have a major influence organisational behaviour in two aspects. The first aspect is that training and development allows the employee to effectively perform his or her job. As an employee’s abilities increases there is a high potential that the organization’s performance will increase. Therefore, training and development does have a positive relationship with organisational success. And what is even better is the fact that better trained and developed employees are more motivated. The second aspect of how training and development can influence the behaviour of organisational members is that it increases the employee’s ability to make more effective decisions.

APASENTH is a unique organisation of its kind. Management had felt a vigorous need to develop the organisation to its maximum potential. At APASENTH over a 3 months period we conducted research to find out the best way to develop a staff’s competency and to accustom them to all up-coming changes in Health and Social Care Sector. We developed a bespoke Induction Training Package for newly recruited care staff. Please find below the relevant training which are taking place.

Induction on APASENTH
Skills for Care – Common Induction

Induction on Learning Disabilities

Health & Safety
Fire Safety
First Aid
Manual Handling

Food Hygiene


Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Children

Zakir Hossain Parvaj
(MBA, A1 Award, HHSRS-IA)
Training and Development Officer,
Home and Community Services


Annually every staff members will undergo a “Training Needs Analysis” (TNA). This will trigger a Personal Development Plan (PDP), focusing on enabling learning and development for staff as individuals. This extends the range of development methods aside from traditional work skills and knowledge, and creates far more exciting, liberating, motivational opportunities – for staff and for employers.

Training should take on a holistic approach to a person’s development through PDP – not just transferring skills, the traditional interpretation of training at work.

Our organisation has a realistic and corporate attitude and expectations about what ‘training’ is and understands that this cannot be changed overnight. Therefore we go beyond traditional skills:
• ‘enabling learning’
• ‘facilitating meaningful personal development’
• ‘helping people to identify and achieve their own personal potential’

It has helped the organisation to see and accept these newer ideas about what types of ‘learning and development’ really works best and now produces class-leading organisations.

Training and learning development includes aspects such as: ethics and morality; attitude and behaviour; leadership and determination, as well as skills and knowledge.

We have also a number of training to develop individual as a confident workforce:

Level-1 Certificate in Adult/Child Care
Diploma Level-2 in Health and Social Care
Diploma Level-3 in Health and Social Care
Diploma Level-4 in Health and Social Care
Basic Life Support
Infection Control
Anti-Social Behaviour
Mental Capacity Act 2005
Risk Assessment
Challenging Behaviour
Personal Budget / Direct Payment
Care Plan / Person Centred Approach
Dignity in Home Care
Dignity in Residential Care
Time Management
Communication Skills

Or any other training required by the needs of the job role of a care worker.

Training is an integral part of the success and the future sustainability of APASENTH, and its true reflection of our achieving standard stands out by achieving Investor in People (IIP) in 2011 and International Standard Organisation (ISO) 9001:2008.

Institute of Vocational Training (AIVT)


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