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Our vision for adult care and support
As our population gets older we need to prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead. By working hard to meet those challenges, we can help more people to live a better quality of life, whether they are living with a disability, ill health or entering their later years.

To achieve this Apasen has adopted a set of values that support the Governments vision for developing high quality care services in the White Paper, Caring for our future: Reforming care and support

Our Values for provision of social care services include:

  • The health, wellbeing and rights of individuals are at the heart of our ambition for care and support, with timely and effective interventions to help ensure people’s independence and good quality of life for longer.
  • People are treated with compassion and respect, and are safe from abuse and neglect; everybody has a responsibility to make this happen, to communicate effectively and to highlight any instances of poor care.
  • Everyone has real choice and control over the care and support they need to achieve their goals, to live a fulfilling life, and to be connected with society.
  • We strengthen our communities – their skills, their resources and their networks – to help people to live well, to feel connected and to play as active a role in their communities as they wish.
  • Carers are recognised for their contribution to society as vital partners in care, and are supported to reach their full potential and lead the lives they want.
  • We continue to develop a caring, skilled and much-valued workforce, which delivers quality care and support in partnership with individuals, families and communities.

In addition Apasen believes:
Everything we want to achieve will depend on the competence, commitment and sensitivity of the care and support workforce. The relationships that are formed with people needing care are essential to Apasen delivering good care.

We need to attract skilled people to deliver high quality care in the future. We need to provide training and information so that the workforce can adapt and work flexibly.

Integrating care and support services with health is a priority for Apasen. A truly personalised service demands Apasen to work across its own sector boundaries to deliver services that join up around, and meet the needs, of individual people.

People have the right to choose and control the services they receive, including people who need support at the end of their lives, and Apasen has a role to play in keeping people safe from harm, and in providing information, preventative services and support in order to prevent or delay the onset of serious care needs, rather than only intervening when people reach crisis point.

Good leadership from Apasen is central to putting all our Values into practice through the different care and community support services we provide.

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