Community Partnership

Apasen recognises the value of meaningful partnerships and our current services are evidence of this commitment.

We work closely across all services with a wide range of partners, from local authorities, NHS Trusts and social care providers; across the voluntary and statutory sector.

It is important for us to nurture professional alliances and relationships and we recognise that the more effectively we can ally ourselves with other providers, the better we can improve our own services and influence the quality of others in the interests of our service users.

For us partnership working is dependent on mutual respect, good communication and clarity around roles and responsibilities. An understanding of other organisations’ cultures and priorities is essential. We believe in working through any issues or concerns in a constructive manner and ensuring that any working arrangements are agreed and noted through working agreements and SLAs, which are reviewed regularly.

We are always prepared to consider opportunities to collaborate with other organisation as a consortium or partnership seeking to secure funding for new projects and programmes of activity that will support our mission

Our current partners include:

Institute of Vocational Training (AIVT)


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