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Apasen is an established provider of social and community services in East London, having been inexistence since 1984. Our success in becoming a leading charitable organisation has been led by empowering local people to have better choice and control over their well-being and quality of their life, whilst ensuring all sectors of the community are able to access to our support and service provision.

Today apasen is a registered a social care provider with a wide range of personalised support, creating conditions for working together in meeting the needs of vulnerable people in the community, whether young or old.






Apasen has been commissioned by LBTH to deliver a series of events to engage with disabled people in Tower Hamlets and celebrate the International Day for People with a Disability, which is held annually on the 3rd December.  The first event which counted towards our target was the Apasen Sports and Fun Day held on the 18th August 2016. Apasen is required to organise another two events as part of the contract and the second event will be held on the 20th October 2016 at the Centre, Community Hall in Merchant Street (please see enclosed leaflet for details). The theme of this event will be focused on Arts and Crafts and I am kindly asking for your support and input to this event in terms of what activities we can provide, helping out on the day, and also encouraging participation from our target groups.  If you have any ideas for activities on the day that would be greatly appreciated. I will keep everyone updated and hopefully if you can keep the date (20th October 2016, 10-2pm) free.


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    We are always keen to hear from passionate and caring people who take pride in their work. We are seeking enthusiastic people who like to go the extra mile, to join the

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    Apasen is a UK Registered Charity providing a wide range of social care and community support services to vulnerable people living in East London. Established in 1984 you can read more about the history of how we grown and become recognised for our charitable work here

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Home Care & Support Services – meeting your care needs in the comfort of your own home

Tel: 020 7001 2270
Email: home.community@apasenth.org.uk

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Day Care Opportunities & Activities – leisure & learning opportunities for people with disabilities.

Tel: 020 7001 2271
Email: opportunity.zone@apasenth.org.uk

Residential Respite image

Residential Respite – Short term Rest & Recuperation for people with Learning Disabilities.

Tel: 020 3441 4515
Email: apasenth.lodge@apasenth.org.uk

Information, Advice and Advocacy Services image

Advice & Advocacy Services – for people with disabilities and their carers.

Tel: 020 7001 2272
Email: advice.advocacy@apasenth.org.uk

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Children & Family - Support for families of disabled children with special needs

Tel: 020 7001 2269
Email: children.family@apasenth.org.uk

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Carers Support – providing much needed short breaks for those who act as carer for another person.

Tel: 020 7001 2266
Email: short.break@apasenth.org.uk

Institute of Vocational Training (AIVT)


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